Science is the key to overcome infertility

The ReproUnion project aims at strengthening the research within reproductive medicine in the Oresund region. A key factor is to identify synergies in the region which will enhance the already existing research to a new level. This implicates finding new collaboration opportunities across research fields but equally important is it to identify collaboration partners across the Oresund bridge to connect and develop the region’s main competences. Ultimately, the ReproUnion project seeks to solve five major global challenges within reproductive medicine by bringing together basic research, clinical research, and epidemiological research in a Challenge-based concept.

With joint forces, a unique infertility register and biobank is being established. This will be a valuable tool in the work of increasing the understanding of basic reproductive mechanisms, finding causes of infertility, and thereby, enabling future initiatives to improve current assisted reproductive techniques and even to prevent infertility, as well as getting valuable insights into how infertility potentially can function as a marker for later health and the risk of developing chronic diseases. Addressing reproductive diseases and prevention of infertility also includes research providing evidence-based knowledge regarding what norms and structures in our society that influence when people decide to have children and why many decide to postpone family formation today.

Find out more about the research related to the different Challenges by following the links below:

Challenge 1 – Improvement of human male fertility

Challenge 2 – Optimizing medically assisted reproductive treatment to infertile couples

Challenge 3 – Securing female ovarian function

Challenge 4 – Prevention of infertility-related morbidity

Challenge 5 – Fertility Awareness

With this Challenge-based concept, ReproUnion is strengthening the collaboration between the universities, hospitals and the life science industry in the Oresund region, creating the best possible conditions for life science research and innovation based on one of the region’s scientific strongholds; reproductive medicine. Together, we can overcome infertility.


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