Poster content

The poster should describe the background for the project, the aim of the project, the methods used, achieved results and conclusions. If the project is in an early phase, the poster should describe the background for the project, the aim of the project and the methods and protocols to be used.

Poster guidelines

  • The poster language is English.
  • The poster should be size A0 and in vertical format (84.1 cm wide × 118.9 cm tall). This is important in order to match the size of the poster boards available. The poster boards do not fit horizontal posters.
  • Keep the text and figures as simple as possible and make full use of the space. Make sure to create a vertical poster.
  • The content of the poster should be understandable without an oral explanation.
  • Be selective when showing results. Present only results that illustrate the main findings of the project.
  • The text should be large enough to read from a distance of 1.5 meters.
  • Use colors sparingly. Colors should be used only to emphasize, differentiate and to add interest.
  • Results presented in a graph format are effective. Avoid large tables of data.
  • The poster should be used as the basis for the short oral presentation.


Poster presentations

Two different poster sessions (ReproWalk A and B) will take place on Thursday, October 25th with four parallel walks of 9-10 posters. Each poster will be presented twice (ReproWalk A and B). A short and precise 2 min presentation is required per poster followed by 1 min of questions. All posters must be mounted upon arrival between 9:30 and 10:30 on Thursday the 25th and remain in place until 14:30 on Friday, October 26th. Pins/needles will be provided. Posters must be removed right after the end of the program (15:00) on Friday, October 26th.

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